Camilla Smith Agency is a fashion and accessories sales and marketing agency representing brands World Wide . The company was established in 2006 by Camilla Smith. Starting as an agent for Pepe Jeans, Superega, Havaianas, Chillnorway, Lille Lam, How to kiss a frog, Tina Wodstrup, I dig denim, Scotch and Soda , Emonk Ibiza, Fabtattoos, Indian hairdresses, Lanugo, Skemo and more.

Today working in cooperation with the famous Norwegian clothing / accessories brand Marius Kids. Famous for the Marius pattern from the old days on sweaters, the fabulous hair accessories for children from Den lille prikken over i en and an AMAZING hair keratin products for Cadiveu Scandinavia.

The agency continuos to grow it`s clients base and has an outstanding record of building brands through wide spread network among buyers and press agencies.

Camilla is interested in traveling, fashion, yoga, skiing and the mystery of life. Please follow her insta @camillasmithagency for inspiration and joy.

Selling is not something you do TO someone, it`s something you do FOR someone. – Zig Ziglar

Live the life you dream, and wear the dream you live! – Friend from Ibiza